Online Legal Software is a complete and integrated suite of online-accessible legal software programs allowing lawyers to practice law more efficiently, with less stress, and with greater reward – professionally, financially and personally.
  • There are three central characteristics of the Online Legal Software suite of legal software programs. The programs are available online, they are integrated and they are organized intuitively for the practice of law.

    The online characteristic means lawyers can access their information on any device from any location, as long as they have an Internet connection.

    The integrated characteristic means, on the input side, the lawyer enters the information once and it is populated throughout the different functions of the legal software. More importantly, when the lawyer needs to access information the lawyer can draw information across the different programs.

    The intuitive characteristic means lawyer will access a particular client-matter to work on by going to a page where all of the relevant information on that client matter is located in one location. It is a virtual Redweld.

    Billing is a snap. When it is time for the lawyer to send out a bill, the lawyer can compare the time that the lawyer remembered to keep track of against the work the lawyer did on that client matter so that they can send out a complete bill. The pre-bill can be compared on a client matter specific basis to the client-matter calendar, the client-matter documents and the client-matter emails. Most lawyers find time that they worked that they forgot to keep track of and send out more complete bills.

    In short, Online Legal Software is simple, powerful and easy to use.

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