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Texas restricts who may be a law firm’s CIO

An ethics opinion out of Texas has received lots of criticism by deciding that non-lawyers cannot be chief technology or information officers in a law firm. The decision is already being reconsidered, according to sources, based on the outcry it has received – and we must agree; restricting the ability of a law firm to […]

Washington says yes to cloud computing

Add another state to the ever-increasing column of those giving the formal OK to use of attorney cloud computing. This time, it’s Washington state, in Advisory opinion 2215. Washington’s position is similar to other states, focusing again on reasonableness and making clear, as is understood by most all practitioners, that attorneys have to use some […]

Maine says yes to attorney cloud use

The great state of Maine has joined the states giving the OK to attorney use of the cloud and cloud providers, such as Online Legal Software. While no state has issued an ethics opinion that states attorney cannot use cloud computing solutions, many have remained silent on the issue.  While attorneys in those states should […]

Ohio OK’s cloud computing by attorneys

As we’ve talked about before, no state in the union has said that cloud computing by attorneys is against their respective codes of professional responsibility.  Now, Ohio has joined the majority view by formally approving the use of cloud computing by its’ attorneys. In ethics opinion 13-03, the bar  held that attorneys did not violate […]

The “LawTigers” opinion: another take

While some, including My Shingle’s Carolyn Elefant, have decried it, Scott Greenfield commends the Indiana Supreme Court for holding an attorney responsible for the exaggerations (or misrepresentations) of a lead-providing service he signed up for. Greenfield’s points are valid and have merit, but his ultimate solution: Hold lawyers accountable for their signing on to these […]

New Hampshire opinion on legal cloud computing

The New Hampshire Bar Association is the latest state to issue an advisory ethics opinion on the use of cloud-computing by attorneys. And once again, a win for the consensus. In Ethics Opinion 2012-13/4, the state’s ethics committee adopted “the consensus among states that a lawyer may use cloud computing consistent with his or her ethical […]

Is your firm in compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA)?

Is your firm in compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA)?  Never heard of it?  Well, if your computer data is stored in the Canadian province of British Columbia and subject to the provincial laws of British Columbia (as it is, of course, with Clio), you might want to find out! […]

Massachusetts opinion on attorney use of cloud computing

As we’ve said numerous times, attorneys concerned with the propriety of use of legal software have no reason to be concerned, at least according to every published opinion on the subject by the various state bars. In one of the more recent opinions on the subject, Massachusetts weighed in.  Massachusetts Bar Association opinion 12-03 gave no direct […]

Nevada opinion on cloud computing by attorneys

In a brief synopsis of the evolution of electronic media and resources by various bar association (and the growing acceptance of the same), the State Bar of Nevada held in formal opinion no. 33, that the attorney’s responsibility was to exercise reasonable care in the selection of the third-party contractor and that this responsibility would be met […]

Arizona and the cloud

The State Bar of Arizona Ethics Committee has addressed the issues raised in cloud-based solutions in a series of Ethics Opinions.  Specifically, Arizona has addressed the issue of online storage.  Of course, issues of online storage go beyond just practice management software – virtually every e-mail program stores at least some of your data on-line and […]