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You’re a businessperson

Lawyers don’t like to think of themselves as business people. They are “professionals” above the fray of business, claim many. But ask any attorney fired from a lack of a solid book of business, or the ever-increasing number of attorneys who are mere commodities, slaving away on endless document-review projects, what they think of this […]

Mind your tongue

In recent local news, a Westchester county attorney tweeted what most see as racist (or at least insensitive) comments about the losing lieutenant governor candidate. In the aftermath of the comments, the attorney was forced out of a Bar Association leadership position (and some, of course, are calling for further punishment.) This is another good […]

Networking Is All About The Follow-Up

Networking is all about the follow-up

A recent article from Dave Delaney re-emphasized the key point that networking is all about the follow-up. The point is a great one for lawyers to take to heart. It is easy to meet people (potential clients) at all sorts of events, but without real follow-up, you quickly become an afterthought – and no, a […]

Responsive Websites

Responsive websites

Do you have a responsive website? If you don’t know what that is, the answer is probably no. But as a recent article discusses, there are some good reasons why you should. Put simply, a responsive website is one that changes depending on the device – that is, it would look one way on your […]

A Smaller Slice Of The Pie

A smaller slice of the pie

Cordell Parvin posted some interesting facts recently that help to illustrate something that likely doesn’t come as a surprise to most lawyers: it’s harder to find clients then it used to be. The reasons are pretty clear – there are alot more lawyers, bigger law firms, and more demands on a lawyer’s time than ever […]

Sharing Is Caring

Sharing is caring

Kevin O’Keefe recently had a piece explaining his answer for the commonly-asked question, “How Do You Get Lawyers to Blog?” It’s interesting to note that his answer (a good one, of course) touches on the reasons an attorney should blog – not just to hear their own voice, but to act as a valuable resource […]

Staying relevant

An interesting (or perhaps depressing) piece on LinkedIn about staying relevant as your career progresses is important to note for all professionals, even solo and small firm attorneys. As the article notes, the work place and work force is always changing, with loyalty and guaranteed employment (for lawyers – think equity partners) becoming, if not […]

Yelp is the most popular tool for finding attorneys

The old Martindale-Hubbard listing has gone the way of the dodo.  And the much-hyped “Super Lawyer” designation is hardly super. According to survey results posted by Larry Bodine from a company that  researches legal software, the most common way potential clients found their attorney was through Yelp. Yes, that’s right.  The same site you review restaurants, tanning […]

Social media pages the new yellow pages

We understand that attorneys aren’t always the most technological savvy bunch out there and that’s OK, to some degree, since you can still be a great lawyer without being a techie. But while you might not need the latest and greatest, or to understand everything under the sun, you do need a basic understanding of […]

More than one way…

The old saying is that there is more than one way to skin a cat. Likewise, there is more than one way to have an online marketing strategy without one way (or the other) being the best answer. This comes up again in the ongoing debate about whether attorney home pages are “dead” or “dying,” […]