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Massachusetts opinion on attorney use of cloud computing

As we’ve said numerous times, attorneys concerned with the propriety of use of legal software have no reason to be concerned, at least according to every published opinion on the subject by the various state bars. In one of the more recent opinions on the subject, Massachusetts weighed in.  Massachusetts Bar Association opinion 12-03 gave no direct […]

Proposed changes to the Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct

We’ve mentioned the issue before as it relates to the ABA’s 20/20 Committee and with the new opinion in Connecticut, now Massachusetts has released proposed changes to its rules of professional conduct (you can read more on the proposals on Robert Ambrogi’s blog) which impose upon Massachusetts attorneys a new duty to understand the technology they […]

Massachusetts Bar Association Ethics Opinion 12-03

In one of the most recent opinions on the subject, the Massachusetts Bar Association, in opinion 12-03, gave no direct guidance to Massachusetts attorneys, but did, as in other states, emphasize that the attorneys’ responsibility was to ensure their data was reasonably safe from unauthorized access, interception, and there was not an unreasonable risk of […]