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New York restricts attorneys’ use of LinkedIn profiles

Interesting ethics opinion from New York on the use of LinkedIn; in the opinion, the New York Committee on Professional Ethics held that neither law firm or a lawyer (save one specially licensed) may list practice areas under the LinkedIn heading “Specialties” because, says the Committee, that would be a violation of Rule 7.4 Many […]

NYC Bar recommends non-lawyers should be able to practice law

We’ve recently discussed the growing issue of cracks in the legal guild structure.  Now out of our home state of New York comes a report that may well mark the true beginning of what could become a major shift in the market, namely that the NYC Bar Association has essentially recommended that the state begin […]

New York Committee on Professional Ethics Opinion citing Rules 1.4 and 16 of the New York Rules of Professional Conduct

The New York Committee on Professional Ethics follows the same logic in Opinion No. 842, in holding that using an outside online storage provider for confidential client information is fine, so long as the lawyer takes reasonable care to ensure confidentiality will be maintained. With bank-level encryption, confidentiality agreements, and password-protected, user-controlled access; Online Legal Software […]