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Security in the cloud

Recent events have once again put cloud security in the news. While the full facts are still yet to be determined, initial indications, at least from Apple, are that user accounts were compromised, not by direct hacking, but by false representation – that is, users received what they thought was a legitimate e-mail to reset […]

How’s your security?

Interesting little article on how some clients are forcing their attorneys to be more security conscious. Although written from a perspective of BigLaw, the fact is that all firms should be mindful of their security, lest something happen that would compromise client information or funds.  Lawyers have not been traditionally known as vanguards of technology, […]

Document security

FutureLawyer had an interesting blurb on the security of Dropbox and similar services for attorney documents; coming to the same conclusion that we often say to our customers: don’t. Dropbox and the like are fine for stuff that’s not sensitive, but its’ very size and ubiquity make it an inviting target for hackers.  While that […]

Don’t overlook the simple

Attorneys are often worried about security when it comes to cloud computing, but as this recent article from TechVibes point out, often the weakest link, to borrow a phrase, is the simplest. How many of you have passwords written down on a post-it note stuck on your computer screen or under a desk blotter?  We’ve […]

Net neutrality ruling has uncertain consequences

Recently, the DC Circuit struck down what many see as the essential bed-rock of the modern internet: net neutrality. Put simply, net neutrality is the idea that service providers can’t favor one type of traffic or one type of website over another.  After this decision (which, of course, will likely go before the Supreme Court […]

Vermont ethical opinion on attorneys using the cloud

The Vermont bar Association, in opinion 2010-6, agreed with the national consensus regarding use of the cloud; holding that usage of SAAS (Software as a service) is ethically permissible, as long as the attorney takes reasonable precautions to protect the confidentiality of the data and ensure access to the materials.   Although “reasonable” could be as vague as […]

Can attorneys safely use public Wi-Fi?

It’s an issue that has aroused some passions amongst the cognoscenti: the appropriateness of an attorney using public Wi-Fi for legal work.  Technology has enabled an attorney to work productivity while mobile, using mobile or internet telephony, laptop computers, and the right legal software. However, of course, this all requires an internet connection.  Some commentators […]

Is your firm in compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA)?

Is your firm in compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA)?  Never heard of it?  Well, if your computer data is stored in the Canadian province of British Columbia and subject to the provincial laws of British Columbia (as it is, of course, with Clio), you might want to find out! […]

Be wary of strangers

Sadly, scams targeting attorneys are on the rise, and even more sadly, attorneys can make easy targets.  A common one, which we saw ourselves in practice, is a variation on the theme of a company or individual (usually foreign) contacting you for help in collecting a debt against someone (individual or person) in your jurisdiction. […]

Don’t fear the cloud

Ernie the Attorney recently had a thought-provoking posting on his blog regarding the, for lack of a better word, double-standard, that many attorneys have regarding the cloud. Essentially, many attorneys are fearful of the cloud and using cloud-based systems, like Online Legal Software, because of the perceived security risk. While the security of your data […]