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Keeping track of time is just smart business

Attorneys don’t like keeping track of their time.  This isn’t surprising, considering attorney time tracking is hardly the most exciting task.  Indeed, few things are less exciting (and more tedious) that recording your time in six minute intervals. No doubt, that’s why many attorneys have moved away from traditional hourly billing to flat fees and […]

How do you organize your files?

Sometimes, the simplest changes can have the biggest impacts.  And one of the simplest is to have better organization of you files (both paper and electronic) This is a real bugaboo for many attorneys – who often waste hours looking for specific documents; who make multiple copies of documents to avoid losing one, and who […]

Net neutrality ruling has uncertain consequences

Recently, the DC Circuit struck down what many see as the essential bed-rock of the modern internet: net neutrality. Put simply, net neutrality is the idea that service providers can’t favor one type of traffic or one type of website over another.  After this decision (which, of course, will likely go before the Supreme Court […]

Flat-fee billling and time-tracking still go together

More and more attorneys are using flat-fee billing and it’s easy to see why: for the client, flat-fee billing brings cost containment and certainty, while for the attorney, it makes invoicing easier and eliminates the need for detailed time-tracking Or does it? The problem with not tracking time in flat-fee (and contingency) matters, of course, […]

Software can help solve your problems

Great article over on 3 Geeks and a Law Blog on some of the problems lawyers have regarding certain basic processes. While some of these reflect attitudes or short-sighted thinking, it’s interesting to note that many of them are concerned with organizational and management issues. One of the easiest ways attorneys can help bring order […]

Are the British coming?

An interesting read on Solo Practice University talks about the British adoption of rules that allow non-lawyers to form and manage legal corporations.  This trend, which began a few years ago in Australia is now commonplace in the UK. Now jurisdictions in Canada and the United States (admittedly, much to the horror of many in […]

Virginia opinion on virtual law offices and cloud computing

The Old Dominion has issued an opinion on the ethics of virtual law offices and cloud computing. The opinion is a broad discussion, almost conversational in tone.  Cloud computing is briefly mentioned in passing as falling under the aegis of Rule 1.6, wherein, (as should be expected for anyone who follows the general trend of […]

An ethical duty to understand the technology you use?

Lawyers aren’t historically known for being amongst the most technologically savvy consumers out there, but this may be coming to a change.As discussed in this recent article, the ABA’s Ethics 20/20 Commission made a change to the commentary on Model Rule 1.1 – specifically adding a duty for a competent lawyer:[6] To maintain the requisite knowledge and skill, a lawyer should […]

Soda bans and Legal Software: peas in a pod?

Online Legal Software sits in midtown Manhattan, so Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on over-sized sugary drinks, which was scheduled to go into effect yesterday (but did not, due to a local judge finding it unconstitutional, is on top of many of our local news feeds.  But the story has gone national (and international), so chances are you’ve heard […]