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Changing roles for support staff

Smart attorneys know that their support staff – secretaries, clerks, and paralegals – play a vital, if often unheralded role in the smooth functioning of a law office. Not only are these professionals often the ones who know and understand the real hows and whys of dealing with court clerks and officials, they can greatly […]

Tech training for lawyers

We recently came across an interesting article on the hows-and-whys of technology training for attorneys. The subject is one many lawyers would prefer to avoid, being either traditionally technophobic, or simply just “too busy” for training beyond what might be required under their state’s CLE rules. But, as we’ve discussed before, this is a mistake. […]

Blog - You’re Not The Key

You’re not the key

Lee Rosen had an interesting article on his blog on attorney’s websites, asking that seems to be an easy question, but one that is not as clear the more one thinks about it. Specifically, the question is this: should your website be about you. At first glance, the answer would seem obvious – but as […]

Replacing The Law Books

Replacing the law books

For some time now, the fancy bound law books most of us learned how to use in law school have been essentially decorations as most research moved online – first (and of course, still, for many) to services like Westlaw and Lexus, then to cheaper (and often free through bar association) services like FastCase or […]

Responsive Websites

Responsive websites

Do you have a responsive website? If you don’t know what that is, the answer is probably no. But as a recent article discusses, there are some good reasons why you should. Put simply, a responsive website is one that changes depending on the device – that is, it would look one way on your […]

The robots are coming (but not yet…)

A recent article discussed new improvements in AI technology, in the context of an on-going discussion on whether the technology will be replacing junior level attorneys. As if attorneys didn’t have enough to worry about. But, while AI technology is making huge strides forward, it is not yet to a level to handle anything but […]

Security in the cloud

Recent events have once again put cloud security in the news. While the full facts are still yet to be determined, initial indications, at least from Apple, are that user accounts were compromised, not by direct hacking, but by false representation – that is, users received what they thought was a legitimate e-mail to reset […]

Technology just a means to an end

Many technology companies (and attorneys) think using technology is often an end in itself. But as SoloPracticeU and InsideLegal reminded us in a tweet this morning, your technology (and technological competence) isn’t what your clients are thinking about. MT @SoloPracticeU: MT @InsideLegal: Do clients care about atty tech profiency? No, they care about what it […]

Using technology in the office

This isn’t about using technology in your practice, per say, but how modern devices can automate and simplify your life in general. Now-a-days, with the right equipment in your home and/or office, and a smart phone, you can turn your lights on, adjust your a/c, print documents, turn devices on and off, and much more, […]

Law schools teaching technology

Like it or not, the time is coming (if it’s not already here), that lawyers will not have the option of doing things “the old fashioned way” Potential clients will find and use attorneys in ways directed and dictated by technology. Existing clients will expect (and demand) certain ways of doing things: from how (and […]