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Mind your tongue

In recent local news, a Westchester county attorney tweeted what most see as racist (or at least insensitive) comments about the losing lieutenant governor candidate. In the aftermath of the comments, the attorney was forced out of a Bar Association leadership position (and some, of course, are calling for further punishment.) This is another good […]

Mental health and depression among lawyers

In the aftermath of Robin Williams’ suicide, mental health and depression are once again in the news. It is beyond unfortunate that it takes the death of a beloved public figure to spur many to have these important conversation (and to engage in self-analysis).  It shouldn’t. Especially for lawyers. Lawyers are, as multiple studies have […]

Using technology in the office

This isn’t about using technology in your practice, per say, but how modern devices can automate and simplify your life in general. Now-a-days, with the right equipment in your home and/or office, and a smart phone, you can turn your lights on, adjust your a/c, print documents, turn devices on and off, and much more, […]

When to Quit

Being an attorney isn’t (always) fun. Nor is it a blank check to print money (a lesson many learn too late, to their eternal chagrin) Accordingly, there comes a time in many attorneys’ lives that they may decide to quit the practice of law. A recent article by Nicole Goudreau at MyShingle discusses when it […]

Social media anti-social?

A recent article by Scott West got us thinking about social media and how accurate it even is to call it “social” – isn’t more anti-social? West’s point is a good one; often-times, we tend to be more focused on twitter, facebook, or the like (and how we might appear on the same).  Attorneys are […]

Multitasking is not your friend

Seth Godin had a interesting little snippet on cognitive loads recently. Seth’s point, and a valid one, is that the brain suffers when trying to handle too much – when the cognitive load gets too high, as it were. For lawyers, this often comes into play with multitasking.  Busy lawyers are trying to get alot done, […]

Employees Can Make The Firm

Working with Millennials

We’ve heard lots of people grumbling about working with millennials, sometimes with good cause, sometimes based more on stereotype than reality; this short article from Entrepreneur discusses some of these stereotypes and why they might be wrong. But like many things, both positive and negative generalizations only go so far – it’s difficult to pigeon-hole […]

Mental heath for lawyers

Lawyers don’t want to talk about mental health issues. That’s a shame, considering that lawyers are more likely to suffer than the general population.  The stress of the job, the constant demands and pressure on your personal life, all help contribute to high rates of depression, anxiety, breakdown, drug and alcohol abuse, even suicide amongst […]

Working remotely tips

Some helpful tips on working remotely from the Legal Productivity blog. Whether working remotely is an everyday thing (since you don’t have a traditional office) or an occasional thing, chances are, you’re doing it to some degree. Accordingly, tips to make it better are always a good thing.  You’re not going to find any ground-breaking […]

Tips for new BigLaw Associates helpful for any new attorney

We recently came across a list of tips for new BigLaw associates.  It’s a good list and equally good for new lawyers at every level (at least the vast majority are). The one truism of law school is that it just doesn’t teach you to be a lawyer (and yes, some schools are making more […]