Deadlines and Discipline

What is the leading cause of Attorney Malpractice claims?

According to the ABA, it is Calendar along with deadline errors. It is not that the attorney does not know how to deadline things; rather, the deadlines are entered, but get overlooked. The Online Legal Software system that puts deadlines directly in front of lawyers whenever they log on virtually puts an end to those errors.

In the over twenty years that the Online Legal Software Lawyer home page has been used by thousands of lawyers, there are no reported cases of a missed deadline that resulted in discipline. Not one.

Online Legal Software provides online legal software solutions that integrate lawyers’ time, billing, calendaring, and task, document and practice management systems with their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

When selecting a lawyer, clients these days are asking lawyers about the software they use, and the security of their information. Lawyers who use Online Legal Software do not miss deadlines, and their data is encrypted and backed up daily. Clients like that.

No missed deadlines and no missing data. People who run law firms like that too.

The following links allow you to access the licensure and public discipline records of lawyers in the various states: