End User Experience

The beauty of Online Legal Software is its simplicity.

User friendly, integrated functionality, secure and simple to use.

If working with small law firms for over twenty five years has taught us anything, it is that online legal software needs to function as a complete supplementary back office for the law firm.  Time keeping needs to communicate to billing which needs to communicate with the initial client set up which needs to generate reports which need to generate bills.  Enter information once and use it for all purposes, seamlessly.

The three most frequently used interfaces are, the attorney dashboard, which serves as the home page for the attorney’s activity; the client/matter page, which is where the attorney puts in all of the relevant information about billings; and the Narrative page, where the attorney keeps track of time.

The Attorney Dashboard
This is the homepage which the attorney starts the day with. Immediately before them is what they have most recently been working on. Next, their appointments, deadlines and Trials coming up within the next ten days. To the right is their calendar with the day’s meetings and appointments. Everything the attorney needs to focus on is all in one place.


The Client-Matter page
This is where it all starts for a new client or matter. You input the information once about billing rates, retainers, expenses, etc and this information automatically populates the appropriate fields for reports and bills.



The Narrative page
This is the page the attorney opens when he starts to work on any matter. There is a drop down for clients and matters. When the attorney starts the timer it automatically creates billing entries. When the time goes over 6 minutes, it is .2 of an hour. Forget to start the timer, the entry as to what you did for any particular client-matter is stored and can be reviewed before you send a bill out. You can check for what you forgot to bill for before you send out the bill and not give away your time. This feature itself pays for the system several times over.