Legal Document Management

Online Legal Software has its own fully functional document management system which is intuitive, functional and integrated. It is designed to allow lawyers to practice law intuitively. When you add a document you can tag it with an unlimited amount of tags.

Each document is associated with a particular client matter. A letter to a witness might be tagged as correspondence in that client matter, tagged for the witnesses in that client matter and tagged for damages in that client matter. It can be accessed by clicking on each of the tags for those subjects in the client matter documents and it will appear. The lawyer can organize the file virtually in the same way that he organized things pre-digitally. The functionality amounts to virtually putting a copy of the letter in the correspondence file and behind the witness sheet and damage section of your trial prep materials.

Documents also appear sequentially on the client matter page. The sequential listing of all documents on the client matter page, like the sequential listing of the emails on the client matter page, serves as a touch stone against which the lawyer can compare the pre-bill to find work that was performed that is not reflected in the pre-bill, allowing the lawyer to get out a more complete bill.

Search functionality works both within the client matter documents and across all client matters documents with the same tag name.