Legal Billing Software

Online Legal Software gets your client billings right the first time.

Ever send out a bill from your law office and forget a time or expense entry?

Did you have to write off that time or expense?

Our complete integrated online legal billing software solution picks up entries made for a client matter even where time entries were not made to remind you so you can bill your time.

Scheduled an appointment and forgot to bill your time?

Online legal software has got you covered. Your calendar appointments and deadlines are integrated with your client matters as well as your time tracking functions.  It is all in one place so nothing slips between the cracks.

Does your billing involve retainers and trust accounts?

Our over twenty years of experience helping law firms has allowed us to account for expenses and apply time and expense entries towards retainers however you set it up.  Need a reminder when the retainer falls below a certain amount? It is already programmed into the system.

One system, fully integrated, delivering bills prepared correctly for all.