Online Legal Calendaring Software

You schedule a meeting.  You deadline a response to a request for production of documents.  You deadline a filing date or the expiration of a statue of limitations.  How does one calendaring system differ from another for handling those situations?

On one level, there is not a dime’s worth of difference.  You input a deadline and it is calendared for that date.

When you drill down deeper, there are three basic improvements which the online legal calendaring software provides to lawyers.  One, we have set up an intuitive system that reveals daily and ten day out appointments, tasks and deadlines so you don’t get any last minute surprises.  Two, our calendaring system is color coded for staff to easily distinguish the types of events for ease in scheduling.  Three, the online legal calendaring software is integrated with our billing system so that when you deadline a meeting or other deadline when you are at the pre-billl stage, even if you have not made any time entries as to the calendaring event, the event is tied to a client matter and appears and reminds you so you can see if you missed billing for lawyer time.

Our lawyers start their day with the lawyer home page.  On the right is the day’s calendar.  In the middle of the page are the appointments, tasks, court appearances, trials – for today and next ten days.  It is front and center every hour of every day.  No more surprises.


The Online Legal Calendar can be set up daily, weekly or monthly; for any one lawyer or all the law firm’s lawyers.  It is color coded for ease of use.  When you scroll over an entry all of the details of the meeting appear.  Sort of like crib notes for what the upcoming meeting is about.




All calendars keep track of your appointments.  The online legal software calendar does that and much more.