Changing roles for support staff

Smart attorneys know that their support staff – secretaries, clerks, and paralegals – play a vital, if often unheralded role in the smooth functioning of a law office. Not only are these professionals often the ones who know and understand the real hows and whys of dealing with court clerks and officials, they can greatly […]

Tech training for lawyers

We recently came across an interesting article on the hows-and-whys of technology training for attorneys. The subject is one many lawyers would prefer to avoid, being either traditionally technophobic, or simply just “too busy” for training beyond what might be required under their state’s CLE rules. But, as we’ve discussed before, this is a mistake. […]

Law school enrollment falls

It remains to be seen what will be the result of the recent steep fall in law school enrollment. Obviously, the immediate effect will be to reduce (at least temporarily) the number of new lawyers, which, combined with the on-going graying and retirement of “boomer” lawyers, could impact the lawyer glut that has been one […]

You’re a businessperson

Lawyers don’t like to think of themselves as business people. They are “professionals” above the fray of business, claim many. But ask any attorney fired from a lack of a solid book of business, or the ever-increasing number of attorneys who are mere commodities, slaving away on endless document-review projects, what they think of this […]

Mind your tongue

In recent local news, a Westchester county attorney tweeted what most see as racist (or at least insensitive) comments about the losing lieutenant governor candidate. In the aftermath of the comments, the attorney was forced out of a Bar Association leadership position (and some, of course, are calling for further punishment.) This is another good […]

Expansion isn't always a good thing

Expansion isn’t always a good thing

Roy Ginsberg had a nice piece on lawyerist regarding the dangers of solos expanding too quickly and/or too rashly. Indeed, this is a serious problem that is probably responsible for the failure of many a solo law office – you get busy, you hire help, the business goes away (since it is often cylical) and […]

Blog - You’re Not The Key

You’re not the key

Lee Rosen had an interesting article on his blog on attorney’s websites, asking that seems to be an easy question, but one that is not as clear the more one thinks about it. Specifically, the question is this: should your website be about you. At first glance, the answer would seem obvious – but as […]

Appearances Matter

Appearances matter

An article on LinkedIn from Jeff Haden reminds us that appearances often do matter in the workplace. Although written from a non-legal background, the lesson is equally true for lawyers. Leaving aside “appearances” of gender or ethnicity (topics for whole other discussions), other attorneys and potential clients often want someone who looks “lawyerly” Facial hair […]

Networking Is All About The Follow-Up

Networking is all about the follow-up

A recent article from Dave Delaney re-emphasized the key point that networking is all about the follow-up. The point is a great one for lawyers to take to heart. It is easy to meet people (potential clients) at all sorts of events, but without real follow-up, you quickly become an afterthought – and no, a […]

Costs And Responsibilities

Costs and responsibilities

Sam Glover had an interesting and thought-provoking piece earlier this week over at lawyerist, where he laid out the reasons why lawyers are so expensive and his opinion, at least, that this really can’t change unless there is a also a corresponding change to the rules of professional responsibility. Sam makes some good points, which […]