Online Legal Task Management Software

again taskWhen a client hires a lawyer or law firm to perform a service, whether transactional or litigation, the service can be broken down into discrete tasks.  The trick to practicing law, and making a good living simultaneously, is staying organized and managing the overload of multiple tasks and information.  While a quality task management system like online legal software task management alone will not make a lawyer completely organized, it will make it easier to improve your habits and provide new, more efficient work flows.

The quality of a task management software can be measured by how easy it is to set up deadlines and how effective it is in reminding you as they approach so they can be managed without stress and surprises.  Online legal software allows you to calendar tasks and deadlines simply and they are associated with a client/matter.  You can set up reminders at various sequences and you are presented with the deadlines as they approach ten days out on your attorney home page.  Until the task is completed, it is staring at you 24X7. Here is what the lawyer home page looks like:



he appointments, tasks, court appearances and trials that are coming up within the next ten days are front and center.  They can’t be missed, but isn’t that the point.  The daily calendar also includes the tasks that require immediate attention.  The association of the task with a client matter allows the task event to be captured at the client/matter prebill stage so you can double check that the time you worked on a task was captured before the bill goes out.


Online legal software helps by providing an intuitive and effective legal task management system which creates order out of your chaos.  The result: your feelings of anxiety and of being overwhelmed are replaced by feelings of peace and harmony.  Not only do you feel better, removing the lingering stress allows you to practice more effectively.