Online Legal Time Tracking Software

Abe Lincoln is frequently cited for the proposition that “a Lawyer’s time and advice are his stock in trade”.   If that is so, how do the lawyers in your law firm keep track of inventory?  How much shrinkage does your law office have?  Where does your law firm’s inventory all go?

Online legal software addresses that problem in an integrated, comprehensive way.  Our clients uniformly report that our time tracking system more than pays for itself by finding lawyer’s time and billings that would otherwise slip through the cracks.

Once a client and matter is set up, when a lawyer works on a matter he clicks on a drop down menu of clients and matters, clicks on a drop down menu of activities or just describes the activity.  The lawyer activates a timer which keeps track of time and automatically creates a billing entry.  Once six minutes passes it becomes another tenth of an hour.

If the lawyer forgets to engage the timer, the notation is still tracked to the client matter so when you check that you have accounted for all lawyer time in the pre-bill stage you can catch the oversight, bill the time, and get paid for your work.

Forget to open up any time record at all for an appointment?  Online legal software has you covered on that as well.  Your appointments and calendar events are also associated with your client matters and you can catch discrepancies before you send out a bill.

With online legal time tracking software, you won’t miss a thing.

To paraphrase, one system, fully integrated, with time tracking and complete billings for all.