What People Are Saying

If you want to know whether a product or service delivers on its promises, listen to what the people who use it every day have to say…

Everything I need to know about a matter is found in one place. It’s like hiring a new staff person without the monthly cost.

I have never felt better about my law practice. It seems so much more under my control.

Scheduling important dates is easy and it provides automatic reminder notices for me.

I can easily view work-in-progress and productivity reports for myself and other lawyers in our firm. That is important to me.”

Time and Billing couldn’t be easier or more precise.

Online support is quickly delivered and training is better than I expected. Help is always available.

Our goal was to create a legal software solution for small to medium size law firms that afforded them the same advantages of lawyers practicing at the Am Law 200. A lawyer and former firm administrator of an Am law 200 firm, who is now a consultant to small and medium sized law firms, had this to say…

I have always felt that automation would provide the equalizer between the small and medium size firm and the large law firms.

In the past, the best I could do was to combine two different software packages. There are two approaches. One could use JURIS and TIME MATTERS or PC LAW and AMICUS ATTORNEY. While they both work, they both have shortcomings. JURIS and TIME MATTERS are too expensive for the small firm. PC LAW and AMICUS ATTORNEY are priced right, but problems occur when you have to switch between the two programs. This is also true for JURIS and AMICUS ATTORNEY. The best software for the small and medium firm is . . . CompleteLAW. . . . CompleteLAW is the perfect solution to allow the small and medium firms to compete with the larger firms.

The President of a multi-state, multi-office practice put it this way…

CompleteLAW is the one essential tool that a productive responsible attorney must have. We use it to assure a high level of delivery of services and to monitor associates progress and client work product.

Perhaps the highest compliment, albeit bereft of operational detail, came from a solo practitioner…

I have attained peace of mind in managing my practice.